Baron of The Summer Isles, Blooded of the Snake


These things are true about Baron Tymon.

Tymon means “Shredder of Veils”.

He knows your secrets. Yes, that one. Yes, that one too. Yes, that makes him a threat to you.

Baron Tymon is not married. With charm like his, it’s easy to stay that way.

The Baron has many friends and contacts. He sits in his nest, collecting himself, and awaits the proper moment to strike.

Tymon keeps in close touch with Baron Yvari, his second cousin on his mother’s side.

Tymon is a first cousin to Thalassa on his father’s side.

Lady Peacock is Lord Tymon’s great aunt on his mother’s side.

It is rumored that Tymon has begun a Romance with Lady Peacock. So risque. So forbidden. You are just jealous that you didn’t think of it first.


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