• Baron Xanos

    Baron Xanos

    Blooded of the Falcon. A rough shod man for rough shod times. His lack of manners make him...appealing.
  • Count Cordana

    Count Cordana

    Count of the Isle of Xamari, Blooded of the Snake. Proud and arrogant, with grey eyes and lucious black hair. His sensual looks hide a cunning mind.
  • Count Osriel

    Count Osriel

    The Bold Count of Stoffryga, Blooded of the Snake
  • Dannin Steele

    Dannin Steele

    Duke of Shyvala, Blooded of the Elk. A distinguished powerful man. Too bad he's slipping into madness...
  • Deta


    Baron of Karna Province, Blooded of the Fox
  • Korba


    Baron of Fener Province, Blooded of the Wolf
  • Lady No

    Lady No

    Countess of Ival, Blooded of the Elk. A small, demure, and darling woman. But then again, the best Poisons are always sweet to the taste.
  • Lady Peacock

    Lady Peacock

    Duchess of Q'var, Blooded of the Fox. A beautiful old woman, slipping gracefully into Solace
  • Lady Shara

    Lady Shara

    Baroness of Tilvia, Blooded of the Fox. Golden haired and beautiful, though she wears a black rose at her breast and sword at her hip.
  • Marquise Vivaldia

    Marquise Vivaldia

    Marquise of Reuntver, Blooded of the Fox
  • Thalassa


    Baroness of Navronne Province, Blooded of the Elk
  • Tymon


    Baron of The Summer Isles, Blooded of the Snake
  • Valin Burghe

    Valin Burghe

    Baron of Ishnavay, Blooded of the Bear. A young man, with the eyes of man trapped in the depths of Winter.
  • Yvari


    Baron of Cerlere Province, Blooded of the Fox
  • Zrudura


    Baroness of Rikhold Province, Blooded of the Wolf