System: Houses of the Blooded

Six Barons bound by oaths and Blood. A Bold Count with a vision, and the ruthless Cunning to see it come to fruition. An Empire on the edge of extinction.

“Shanri does not welcome us.

Her husband, the Storm, knows our Names, and her flesh hungers for our Blood.

Soon, her twisted Children will rise up and devour all semblance of Culture and Style.

We must unite against the coming Darkness, against the Ork and the Spectre…

Or we will all be destroyed."

- Dannin Steele, Duke of Shyvala

For more information, take a look at our wiki, or check out the Adventure Log, Characters, and Items tabs above. There is some helpful info there, and quite a bit of dis-information.

Which is which is up to you.

A House of Blood and Flames

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