Baroness of Rikhold Province, Blooded of the Wolf


These things are true about Lady Zrudura.

Her name means “My Heart Aches”. She goes by “Dura”, which means “Pain”.

Her parents were first cousins. Their affair began as a romance when they were both young. When her mother was discovered to be pregnant, the House quickly arranged a marriage.

Her mother was able to turn the scandal to her advantage, and rose quickly to the rank of Marquis. Her father, forever seen as the vagabond, now only holds his title and his lands under the shadow of his wife. He does not do much of anything but attend parties, drink, and Wager.

The above statement is false. Lady Zrudura’s father is a Wise man, who hides it behind a veil of barbarity. His Wagers often come out in his favor, something which only serves to bolster the strength of his family.

Zrudura’s husband is a Blooded of the Fox named Gwanal which means “My love will give you no rest”. Thankfully, it is rumored that there is little love between Lady Zrudura and her husband.

Lady Zrudura’s sister is married to Baron Yvari, though she has a closer connection to his brother, Baron Deta. This has lead some to believe that there was once a Romance between Yvari and Zrudura. If so, neither speak of it.

Baron Korba is Zrudura’s first cousin on her mother’s side.

Dura has a close relationship with Baron Tymon, though she bears no relation to him. Though this might be because they are neighbors.

[OOC Note: the Ven word for ‘Neighbors’ is the same as the Ven word for ‘Enemies’]


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