Valin Burghe

Baron of Ishnavay, Blooded of the Bear. A young man, with the eyes of man trapped in the depths of Winter.


The following things are true about Baron Burghe.

When Valin was young, he and Lady Shara had a close relationship. Some rumor that they had a Romance, but what child truly understands the meaning of Love?

He is not very friendly with anyone, except for Lady Shara.

Valin’s hand seldom leaves his sword, an fine Orichalcum blade strapped to his side.

His lands were haunted, and his family slew by a Spectre. It was said he was a Baron with no lands, though none rose up to claim the lands he had, haunted as they were.

Last Winter, Baron Valin braved the depths of a Sorcerer-King’s crypt to recover the sword he would use to avenge his family. He claims that he destroyed the Spectre with his Sword and has reclaimed his lands, though who really wants to go and check….

A dark shadow follows Lord Burghe where ever he goes. It whispers to him in a strange langugage, the Old Language, the Language of the Sorcerer-Kings. Try as they might, no one can hear anything but a few words whispered by the creature. No one but Valin that is.

Rumor has it that Valin has proposed to Lady Shara, and has asked her to marry him, in spite of her bastard.

Some say Valin himself was the father of Lady Shara’s child, that Shara had accompanied him to the ruins where he recovered his sword, and that the child was beget upon a dark altar to the Sorcerer-Kings. They say that the child was the price of the recovery of the Sword. Then, they look at the Sword, and silence their tongues. None want to be called to Duel against such a Sword.

If it is not obvious from above, Lord Burghe is not married.

Valin Burghe

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