Baroness of Navronne Province, Blooded of the Elk


These things are true about Lady Thalassa.

Thalassa means “Flower that Grows in Harsh Places”. She goes by ‘Lassa’, which means ‘Harsh Flower’.

She bears the Black Eyes of Ikhalu. The sauven has granted her Revenge on someone…that someone may be you.

Lady Thalassa is quiet, and does not spend much time in the company of others. Rumor has it that she prefers to spend time alone in her Castle, studying the nature of Shanri.

Her lands have more than their fair share of Ork, yet Lady Thalassa has yet to throw a party and call a Hunt to drive the Ork from her lands.

Thalassa’s favorite game is “Penchant” (a ven card game similar to poker), and can easily be swayed to perform a Wager if offered the chance of a game. However, she is a shrewd player, so those who seek to take advantage of her should beware.

Lady Thalassa is not married. Rumor has it that her House arranged a marriage for her, but that she swore an oath never to marry until her Vengeance is fulfilled.

Thalassa’s father died fighting the Ork. Her mother remarried, and died many years later under mysterious circumstances. Her step-father, Count Zhoush laid claim to both their lands.

Count Zhoush offered Thalassa lands and title under him, but she struck forth, and took the shadow of another. If asked, she always says that she felt she needed to earn the right to her Blood, rather than have it gifted to her by her Loving step-father.

Lady Thalassa counts Lady Zrudura as one of her closest Contacts. Zrudura is the only one she will let close. Some rumor that there may be a strange kind of Romance between them.

Lady Thalassa is first cousin to Tymon on her father’s side.


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