Lady Shara

Baroness of Tilvia, Blooded of the Fox. Golden haired and beautiful, though she wears a black rose at her breast and sword at her hip.


These things are true about Lady Shara.

Shara means “Veiled Rose”.

Her mother was a Wolf.

Calling her “bold” is like calling dry ice “chilly”.

Though unmarried, she birthed a child this Spring.

Rumor has it that her child is:

- the son of her Count, whose wife Shara hopes to replace;
- the son of a neighboring Count, whose heart Shara broke last Summer;
- and that the child has no father, but was instead born of the Winter itself.

However, we all know how rumors are…

Shara began a powerful Romance with Baron Deta at her Spring party celebrating the birth of her son. The Court of Love would have been scandalized by their behavior, had the party not been hosted at her Puzzle House.

Someone has threatened Lady Shara’s life, and the life of her child.

Lady Shara

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