Count Osriel

The Bold Count of Stoffryga, Blooded of the Snake


These things are true about Count Osriel.

His name means “Harrower of Eyes”.

He will do anything to own you.

Five years ago, Osriel was the Master of the Road for his lord, a minor Baron of the Fox. His baron made the mistake of Insulting another man’s wife, and was forced into a minor Duel to defend his honor. However, his incompetence with the Sword proved his downfall, and he died in what should have been a non-lethal fight.

Osriel took advantage of the situation to claim his former master’s lands for himself. Using his roadmen, he quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with, carving a large dominion out of Ork-infested forests and mountains. He went to the Senate claiming the title of Baron. However, no Count wanted such a man, who so quickly moved to loot the corpse of his former master. Osriel refused to stand such a challenge, and declared that if someone wanted his title, they would have to take it from him. He was declared to be a Bold Baron.

Two years ago, Baron Osriel went to the Senate to claim his title of Count. He brought those Barons who were under his shadow: Deta, Korba, Thalassa, Tymon, Yvari, and Zrudura. Again, none would claim him. He again claimed his rightful title, challenging any who would take it from him to do so right there, on the Senate floor. None took issue with his challenge, so his claim to the title of Count was recognized.

Count Osriel is married to a Wolf, a Courageous and Cunning woman.

He was in a Romance with Lady Lady Shara which ended last Summer. Rumor has it she broke his heart.

Count Osriel is rumored to be the father of Lady Lady Shara’s child. However, as everyone knows their Romance never blossomed to a Liason, this rumor is often discounted.


Count Osriel

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