Lady Peacock

Duchess of Q'var, Blooded of the Fox. A beautiful old woman, slipping gracefully into Solace


The following things are true about Lady Peacock.

Lady Peacock is unmarried. Alas, her husband died years ago, and she cannot bear to have another take his place.

Lady Peacock knows everyone. Yes, she knows Him. She had lunch with Him last week. Yes, she knows Her. She was planning on having tea with Her tomorrow afternoon. And, darling, you must come.

Lady Peacock is constantly surrounded by admirers. Did I say admirers? I mean ‘acolytes’.

She knows everyone’s secrets. Yes, she knows yours. Yes, she knows his. And she’s willing to tell you about them if you have the right price.

Lady Peacock is Tymon‘s great aunt on his mother’s side. Yes, that’s where he gets it from.

It is said that Lady Peacock and Tymon share a special bond. A bond which has come about from the many Summers he has spent at her estates and lands. Lady Peacock would say he has grown into a magnificent specimen of male Ven.

It is rumored that Tymon has begun a Romance with Lady Peacock. So risque. So forbidden. You are just jealous that you didn’t think of it first.

Lady Peacock

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