Lady No

Countess of Ival, Blooded of the Elk. A small, demure, and darling woman. But then again, the best Poisons are always sweet to the taste.


The following is true about Lady No.

She’s a poison teddy bear. If you don’t know what that means, give her a hug.

She has three dead husbands (that we know about), and is currently working on finding #4. Rumor has it that Valin Burghe is a strong contender (though the fact that he is unmarried makes this a bit of a red herring).

She has some kind of relationship with Count Osriel, Blooded of the Snake.

She has red hair, pale skin, and grey eyes. And if that isn’t warning enough, she’s better connected than you are.

Did I mention that she stole all her husbands from other marriages? The wives all ‘mysteriously’ vanished.

Men want her and fear her. Women admire her and scorn her. You know you want to be her.

Lady No

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