Baron of Fener Province, Blooded of the Wolf


The following things are true about Baron Korba.

Korba means “The Burning Blade”

Baron Korba is not the wisest of men, which is why he married a Serpent. Now only if he would listen to her….

He had many siblings, but he was the only one to live to adulthood. A very Cunning move indeed…

Though he is not a wise man, Korba is said to be a bit of a gossip. Take that to mind when you decide whether to trust anything he says.

Baron Korba has a strange aura of Luck around him. Some say it is almost more of a curse than a blessing.

Korba counts Lady Thalassa as one of his closest friends, perhaps unwisely, as she does not reciprocate the relationship.

He also counts Lady Zrudura, his first cousin on his mother’s side as a close contact.


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