Baron of Karna Province, Blooded of the Fox


The following things are true about Baron Deta.

Deta means “White and Fair”.

You may have seen a man who looks like him, singing the role of the Lover at this season’s greatest opera. Of course, it was not him; he would never engage in such a shameful act.

Baron Deta falls in love almost as quickly as he falls out of it.

He is the first son of his family. His brother is Baron Yvari. It is said the two brothers are close friends, though why two siblings would be so close is beyond most.

Baron Deta’s wife is a Blooded of the Serpent named Cavala, which means ‘Worthy of Love’.

There are some who say Baron Deta is simply a patsy for his wife, a quiet Serpent sitting in her garden, as her poisoned white Rose draws you in for the kill.



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