A House of Blood and Flames

A night of knives and sorrow (Session #2)

More to come, once I type up the notes.

Whatever my Lord wishes (Session #1)
Offered a choice between the favor of your Lord, and the Blood of a child, which would you choose?

This Spring seems to be a Season for parties! The Barons receive a letter from their Count, Count Osriel, ordering them to attend a party held by Lady Shara, in honor of the birth of her first child.

Their instructions: obtain a signed Contract of fealty from Lady Shara, bringing her under the shadow of Count Osriel.

Each Baron also received a second letter, hand addressed from Count Osriel. The letter ordered the Baron to “take care of” Lady Shara’s child. Count Osriel offered a great reward to the Baron if they complied with this “request”.

Of course, the Barons know Lady Shara is not married, so where the child came from is anyone’s guess…

Death at a Wedding (Introductory Session)
Spring is such a great time for a Wedding, but every Party is a chance for Revenge...

Marquise Vivaldia, mother of Barons Deta and Yvari, was hosting a small gathering for the wedding of the first-born son of her dear friend, Count Zhoush.

As this is not a party, but instead is a ‘gathering’, no gifts are required for the event. Additionally, no banquet is prepared. Only immediate family of the wedding party and the hostess, plus their guests, are invited. In fact, the swiftness of the gathering, and the small number of guests make this a very suspicious event indeed…

During the final fitting of the bride’s dress, a servant came to the room to speak with Marquise Vivaldia. He shows her a set of clothes covered in blood, and claims to have found them near her Castle’s stables. The bloody clothes are identified to be the wedding clothes of one of the guests, Baron Korba. However, Korba was present in the room. The only person missing in fact was…the Groom himself!

Vivaldia ordered her servant to not speak of this incident, and to destroy the clothing. She moves quickly to keep the news secret from the rest of the guests.

In order to not bring shame to her home, she asks her sons to work with their friends at the party and discretely find out what is happening. In the meantime, she will keep the other guests distracted. If Murder occurred in her halls, she asks them to the person responsible for the death. She offers a great favor to the person who finds the one responsible for this heinous crime.


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